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I’m done

So, I am the ” Vice President ” of the Dollfest Event at Otakuthon Anime Convention in Montreal. For those who followed my past posts, I am losing interest in the hobby.

I used to love hosting local meet ups amongst other things.

For some reason, I just feel like a hermit. I do not know if other doll owners go through this, or it’s just me avoiding certain doll owners. I can’t take it anymore.

The event went well, I still love BJDs, but just not as much. I also do 9 hour days at the Studio where I work, so maybe that just makes me too exhausted to deal with anything. I haven’t worked out in months, or drawn or sewn or cleaned my room properly.

Maybe I just can’t deal with the dolls anymore? I look at DoA threads about people not going to Meet ups up selling their dolls because they are quitting the hobby, and I tell myself, that would never happen to me.

But it did. It’s scary.

BJD, Slowing losing interest

So I’ve been into the BJD hobby for a couple of years now. I am even co-hosting the Anime Convention Otakuthon Dollfest this year.

I have been the one reserving rooms for DollMeets every month or so for the collectors in the greater Montreal and Quebec region.

For some reason, I still love my dolls, but it seems that my passion is fading.

Maybe its the fact that I have gotten thousands of dollars in Sponsorship for DollFest and some people don’t care, or one person in particular is annoying me to no end. She is loud and obnoxious , spams the FB group page all the time, thinks she knows everything. When I see my hard work into this event, the prizes might be awarded to this non deserving person, it boils me. My partner for this event won’t even back me up for support, instead she stays neutral since she knows that person as well.

Also, been having ups and downs with my career, it’s looking up great now, so I want to focus on that, in fact, I haven’t even played with any of my BJDs in the past year.

My point is, is this really the end? Is a group of annoying collectors going to drown all my hard work down the drain? I don’t know what to do, the event is tomorrow and it’s tearing me up

This is a BJD Blog

I have many blogs on tumblr but this is my main one, when I post stuff about my dolls, my sewing or ask questions, it’s from here.

If you want to follow my Lolita/Action Figures/Anime/Manga one, please go here: http://matchajelly.tumblr.com/

Damn Canada Post

I’ve been waiting for a Lolita JSK and it’s arrived in Montreal since yesterday. It  was re-routed because they made a mistake and processed last night. It has not been delivered today! This is the first time there is a delay with EMS. But it’s because of Canada Post. Been waiting all day and the Postman has nothing. It’s sitting there on a shelf till monday fuck.

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