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cellostargalactica asked: ooooh actually i wanted to ask you something -- do you mind if i use your prompt in the sunlight girl? I was thinking it could either happen when they're kids or when they're in training, heh heh. he snatches some chocolate bound for wall sina and splits it with her, and she disapproves at first but since it's for her birthday she forgives him <3

Yes do it!!!!! Reminds me of when V stole butter from a train bound to chancellor in V for vendetta. I’m sure Petra would be horrified at first, but she’ll probably eat the chocolate loooool ugh these characters are too cute for my sanity.

cellostargalactica asked: i'm so dumb, i posted your message instead of replying to it ahhhh, anyways FOR REAL i don’t evne know what to do with myself, this is the first time i’ve ever shipped something so instantly, and what makes it even worse is that they’re only around for a few episodes, and then in fandom they’re kind of a rarepair whyyyyy. well i’ve decided i’m going to write a longfic about them because there needs to be one, because i have just too many headcanons to ignore.

I am dying like UGH Everyone has the hots for Levi, which , it is true he is hot. But I always end up shipping random side characters all the time that has very little fanfics written and I am dying. Been browsing this pairing nonstop on pixiv and drew some and I need more.

I feel like a dirty human being and everytime. I see Auruo’s dumb face I want to slap it and then shove him onto the ground and let Petra have her way with him


Hey guys, I am selling my Unoa Akubi Faceplate with Buff Headback!

This is such a beautiful sculpt. If anyone is interested, you guys can message me or check it out via Den of Angels HERE!

I made a terrible mistake


I made a terrible mistake by using the only photo I had of the Du Maurier Scarf.

I have replaced the old version of the graphic. I did not mean any confusion about this. Please make sure to reblog the corrected version. I am terribly sorry for the confusion.

I am doing the right thing. I need to message all 200 people who have reblogged the post. I am so sorry, I was in such a hurry to help people. I did not look at it as a legal issue and I should have. I am terribly sorry. I am about to cry. So many tumblr users were so nice to remove my post.

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